Sunday, November 25, 2012

Putting "Team Effort" to Work in Today's Economy

The old adage, "Two heads are better than one," is more pertinent than ever in today's business environment. Corporations and entrepreneurs alike have become increasingly aware that there is neither time or money for managerial missteps in a wavering economy. In addition to expanding their in-house planning, many businesses are seeking input and guidance from external resources. 

As a result, the once maligned "committee" has come back into favor as a method for acquiring and incubating new ideas and concepts, and gaining solidarity for needed change. Input from the ranks, as well as industry experts, has never been more important for business growth and survival.Taking a team approach to your business development could be the wisest move you can make. 

The often multi-factorial needs of many businesses are best served by a team of consulting professionals that offers specific business solutions in a think-tank setting. Much like the doctor who chooses himself as a patient, business perspective can be limited or skewed when input and decision-making are too autonomous. For many smaller businesses, a range of viewpoints, expertise and services is essential. Often, this fresh perspective and assembly of readily-available resources is provided by outsourced consulting services. 

Who are the professionals on your team? In addition to industry-specific advice, many businesses also require marketing planning and implementation, branding, internal and external communications, Web content and a range of competencies that are essential to the success of new programs and projects. Research and surveys, strategic planning and the identification of additional professionals may also be required. Choose a consultancy with experience and expertise in your business specialty, and one that can offer you the additional benefits of a team of industry professionals, and their services. 

Avoid fragmenting your efforts and budget among a range of unrelated service providers; a method that is counterproductive and frequently more costly. Lean, mean and efficient are crucial buzzwords today. Maximize synergy, efficiency and savings by choosing a consulting team that can offer the talents and services you need while addressing your business objectives in a consultative environment. 

Business today is a team effort. If you've been making decisions in the proverbial vacuum, consider the benefits of building the right team. You'll no doubt discover just how valuable a "committee" can be.

Alexis Parian, DC is principal of The Parian Company, a business consultancy specializing in the health and beauty fields. She is a regular contributor to
Chiropractic Economics Magazine. She also serves as contributing editor, health and beauty, for U Magazine, and is a columnist for UMEN Magazine. For more information about Dr. Parian or The Parian Company, visit or .