Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turning Mixed Messages into Marketing Music

Mainly the task of corporate marketers, identity and image planning are critical strategies that can benefit even the most modest enterprise. These core business features are the foundation of brand development, directing both internal and external messaging. Without them, businesses are rudderless ships.

But it's very common for businesses to "start in the middle," bypassing the introspection and analysis that this type of planning requires. The consequence is often a continual series of reinventions, looking for the missing link to success. Both the business and its customers become confused as intention, performance and communication become conflicted and weak.

However, once identity and image are clear, every aspect of business operations can adhere to an underlying theme that is reinforcing of the organization's intentions and optimal strategies. Then, marketing messages become highly intentional and consistent, as opposed to the chaos generated by mixed messages.

If you want your business to "sing" to your customers, consider identity and image planning. Regardless of your organization's tenure, there's always room for improvement in this very important area of business planning. Read more about these topics by touring the article links at the bottom of our Services page.

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